Pablo Picasso


In May, Picasso arrives in Paris and rents a studio in a ramshackle building in Montmartre, called by Max Jacob a "floating laundry" (Le Bateau-Lavoir) for its similarity with laundries on the Seine. Pablo lives and works in Bateau-Lavoir from May 1904 to September 1909 and from the winter of 1911 to the spring of 1912. He often visits the Lapin Agile cabaret in Montmartre and the Medrano Circus, in search for both, entertainments and inspirations for work. One of the models, Madeleine, often seeing in Picasso work, characterizes the transitional stage from his Blue Period to the Rose Period. With the help of the Catalan artist Ricard Canals Pablo creates his second engraving Le Repas Frugal. At the end of the summer Picasso meets his first muse, Fernande Olivier, he meets the poets Guillaume Apollinaire and Andr? Salmon, as well as the German collector Wilhelm Uhde.
Pablo Picasso. Mother and child hands of study
Mother and child hands of study (3545)
Pablo Picasso. The Actor
The Actor (3934)
Pablo Picasso. Girl in a Chemise
Girl in a Chemise (39)
Pablo Picasso. The Frugal Meal
The Frugal Meal (4018)
Pablo Picasso. Woman with a Crow
Woman with a Crow (33)
Pablo Picasso. Selestina
Selestina (3953)
Pablo Picasso. Woman Ironing
Woman Ironing (262)
Pablo Picasso. The madman (L`idiot)
The madman (L`idiot) (3652)
Pablo Picasso. Vase of Flowers
Vase of Flowers (3629)
Pablo Picasso. The kiss
The kiss (3802)
Pablo Picasso. Two characters
Two characters (3551)
Pablo Picasso. The Catalan Sculptor Manolo (Manuel Hugue)
The Catalan Sculptor Manolo (Manuel Hugue) (34)
Pablo Picasso. Portrait of Suzanne Bloch
Portrait of Suzanne Bloch (3519)
Pablo Picasso. The crazy
The crazy (3596)
Pablo Picasso. Portrait of Jaume Sabartes
Portrait of Jaume Sabartes (3701)
Pablo Picasso. Woman leaning
Woman leaning (3483)
Pablo Picasso. Picasso and S. Junyer-Vidal sitting near Celestine
Picasso and S. Junyer-Vidal sitting near Celestine (3625)
Pablo Picasso. Portrait of Sebastia Junyer-Vidal
Portrait of Sebastia Junyer-Vidal (3556)
Pablo Picasso. Portrait of Hugh Manolo
Portrait of Hugh Manolo (3561)
Pablo Picasso. Portrait of Sebastia Junyent
Portrait of Sebastia Junyent (3522)
Pablo Picasso. Family Circus
Family Circus (3608)

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