Pablo Picasso

Pablo Picasso. First Communion, 1896


Première Communion


Oil on canvas

118 х 166 cm

Barcelona, Picasso Museum

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The painting «First Communion» was created by 15-year-old Picasso on the advice of his father for the Exhibition of Fine Arts in Barcelona in 1896. At that time, Pablo attended La Lonja School of Art. Picasso has never been a devotee or a religionist (at least in the traditional sense of the word). Nevertheless, his 1895-1896 student drawings contain quite a lot of scenes from the life of Jesus and images of saints. The active and ambitious young artist could not help but be interested in means of expression and iconographic schemes used by the great masters of the past: this "food" for his personal creative growth was digested almost beyond recognition and gradually formed the Picasso’s artistic personality. Many years later, the author of many articles and books about the master, Pierre Daix, who knew Picasso more than a quarter century, asked him whether he regretted that he created paintings like «First Communion». And Picasso answered: "No way, back then it was very important for me."

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#10. Pepe,
Este es el peor cuadro que he visto en mi vida. Un chaval con 15 años, no puede estar pensando solo en dibujar.
25 February
#9. lu,
Unlike the real thing, the color is too red.
11 May
#8. Tariq, California
For me abstract art is boring. I never know what the heck the artist is trying to convey. But this is amazing especially the shadows in the communion. I can stare at it for hours. Who defines what art is the viewer or the critic ? If it evokes feeling in you it is art. I don't denounce abstract art but no one can tell me I know nothing of art. If abstract evokes feelings in those viewers who have acquired a taste for it then that's art for them. But let them not tell me what's art for me. Only I can tell what's art for me.
13 March
#7. Sassynaustin, Austin, Tx
I have seen this painting in person. It is breathtaking. Even more amazing because of the youth of the artist. Very close to life-size, I almost expected the communicant to start reciting prayers.
11 February
#6. jazzy, us, san francisco
not that good, its kinda boring compared to his other stuff
05 June
#5. Annabella, USA, Massachusetts
Screw you all, this is amazing!
09 December
#4. Peter, San Jose , USA
Very much in a realist style. Excellent use of shadow in the upper walls to bring out the highlights in his sister`s dress. Beautiful.
09 October
#3. JB, Ireland
Gorgeous !
29 July
#2. christopher d ashley, Reading, UK
no, any artist could not do that. picasso had 2 sisters, one who died very young. look at the candles. if all you see is paint you know nothing of art.
22 June
#1. jack, netherlands
He did not even win the contest ,, drew when he was 15 ,, very unoriginal painting, anygood artist could do that.
02 September

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