Pablo Picasso


In May, he arranges a studio in Château de Boisgeloup to work with sculpture and concentrates on this direction, while his main model is Marie-Thérèse. He spends the summer in Juan-les-Pins where he makes some preliminary sketches of Vollard's Suite engravings. He illustrates two books: Ovid's Metamorphoses and Balzac's Unknown Masterpiece, they were published by Ambroise Vollard in the same year.
Pablo Picasso. Nude and Still Life
Nude and Still Life (148)
Pablo Picasso. The Kiss (Two Heads)
The Kiss (Two Heads) (1922)
Pablo Picasso. Figures on a Beach
Figures on a Beach (146)
Pablo Picasso. Young Girl Throwing a Rock
Young Girl Throwing a Rock (147)
Pablo Picasso. Jug, cutting fruit and foliage
Jug, cutting fruit and foliage (2096)
Pablo Picasso. Marie-Therese - front and profile
Marie-Therese - front and profile (1831)
Pablo Picasso. Pitcher and fruit cup
Pitcher and fruit cup (2188)
Pablo Picasso. Flower-woman (Marie-Therese elongated)
Flower-woman (Marie-Therese elongated) (2233)
Pablo Picasso. home
home (2320)
Pablo Picasso. The lamp
The lamp (1905)
Pablo Picasso. Character Bust
Character Bust (1931)

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