Pablo Picasso


In May, he arranges a studio in Ch?teau de Boisgeloup to work with sculpture and concentrates on this direction, while his main model is Marie-Th?r?se. He spends the summer in Juan-les-Pins where he makes some preliminary sketches of Vollard's Suite engravings. He illustrates two books: Ovid's Metamorphoses and Balzac's Unknown Masterpiece, they were published by Ambroise Vollard in the same year.
Pablo Picasso. Nude and Still Life
Nude and Still Life (148)
Pablo Picasso. Figures on a Beach
Figures on a Beach (146)
Pablo Picasso. The Kiss (Two Heads)
The Kiss (Two Heads) (1922)
Pablo Picasso. Young Girl Throwing a Rock
Young Girl Throwing a Rock (147)
Pablo Picasso. Jug, cutting fruit and foliage
Jug, cutting fruit and foliage (2096)
Pablo Picasso. Marie-Therese - front and profile
Marie-Therese - front and profile (1831)
Pablo Picasso. Pitcher and fruit cup
Pitcher and fruit cup (2188)
Pablo Picasso. home
home (2320)
Pablo Picasso. Flower-woman (Marie-Therese elongated)
Flower-woman (Marie-Therese elongated) (2233)
Pablo Picasso. The lamp
The lamp (1905)
Pablo Picasso. Character Bust
Character Bust (1931)

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