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#9. Romero , Italy
Dear Grace did you know realy where is? You know the owner? In very interested
Thank you
10 April
#8. J. Opasek, Czech Republic
Dear Grace, Switzerland
Would like to learn more details where the painting is. Pls adv how to get in ctc with you?
Tks n b rgds
17 December
#7. Grace, Switzerland
Artlover; NY yes I know where it is "Femme nue 1". Why would you like to know it?
19 November
#6. Artlover, Ny
Some one knows where is the original painting femme nue from year 1902?? Is also called femme nue I bcz he painted a femme nue II!! Can you show place & verify is the real one? Thx
17 November
#5. Uwe Harms, Austria, Vienna
I may know who and where is the legal owner and who is the authorized representative.
22 April
#4. Andrew, Walker
I may know where femme Nue1 is located and by whom as access
31 March
#3. Francesco, Italy
Hi, in reply to Nadia`s query, the Zervos` reference does not specify where the painting is, nor the measures or even the place where it was performed (probably Barcelona - Spain). The name is not specified either, but only the date : 1902 ; so, in brief, in the Zervos we may only apprehend that a painting with these "features" exists because the picture is blurred (probably a picture of another picture!). All that is due to the fact that the owner of nr.1 belonged to the European Eastern "block" during the cold war and access to the painting was utmost difficult. Hope I have been useful for your research.
18 May
#2. Nadia, NYC
Hello, I am an Art Appraiser in NYC. I`d love to know if indeed there are "Femme Nue I" and "Femme Nue II" paintings of Picasso. I know that only one is known and the title is "Femme Nue" located in France. Is there any literature on the "Femme Nue I"? Thank you very much for your help! (eaulegere at aol dot com)
24 January
#1. Sisak Ludek, Czech Repuplic
.Who is the owner of the
16 April

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