Pablo Picasso

Pablo Picasso. Portrait of Françoise, 1946


Portrait de Françoise


Pencil on paper

Paris, Picasso Museum


Fran?oise Gilot  

This is one of the most lyrical portraits of Françoise Gilot. When you look at photos of this woman, you understand that there is something ethereal in her, which distinguishes her from others. Picasso met Françoise in 1946. First, it was art that pulled them together, but some time later they fell in love and their affair lasted nearly a decade. The relationship was quite complicated: the artist could feel constant affection only towards his muse, however, at that time it was Françoise who walked out on him. After realizing that the best moments had gone for good, Françoise broke up with Picasso and became the only woman who left him on her own.

She had passion, inner determination and firmness. This was reflected in the 1946 portrait: in the consistency of lines and the composition of the painting. An especially vivid detail is her hair, loose and curly, describing the temper of the woman portrayed.

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#34. Mick Blue, Graz, Austria
Amazing Painting!!, I'm using for my art project
23 May
#33. Nelly Zlateva, España
Magnifico retrato! La linia es viva y fuerte como el Mar Mediterráneo. Me encanta! Gracias Picasso!
03 April
#32. haleya, san dimas
this is not one of his best art work OML

18 May
#31. Ciaran, Wales
Done this for artwork
09 February
#30. Amelia, Virginia
wow 11/10
31 October
#29. Isha, United Kingdom
this is really cool! I did this for my art project!
15 September
#28. Libby, England
This picture is beautiful, I`m using as my art homework!
26 April
#27. Amelia, Maylee
I love this picture!!! I`m doing it for my L.A. assignmeent on a bio of an artist. We have to make a replica of our artist`s work.
10 April
#26. Ic eis,
Its the prettiest poteait
27 March
#25. Emily , England
It also leaves me wondering, what gave Pablo the inspiration for this piece and what was HE himself thinking when he drew it?
24 March
#24. Emily, England
It`s truly a beautiful piece of work! I have chosen to use it for my artist analysis in Art as it is both captivating by the eye and it looks as though the girl/woman is lost in her thought so it leaves me wondering as to what she could be thinking about? I love it, truly a wonderful piece of art!
24 March
#23. Michaela, Australia
I`m drawing this right now it`s amazing
09 March
#22. ----,
Doing this for my art project
01 November
#21. ----,
Love it
01 November
#20. Pablo Picasso, Underground
Thanks for the feedback guys!
20 September
#19. Ying , Sydney
Why is the hand uncompleted ? but it`s still nice
20 August
#18. Shengjie , Shanghai
20 August
#17. Gloria , Sydney
24 July
#16. fatimahisdabest, london
WOOW everyone is doinge it for there project lol
29 May
#15. fatimahisdabest, london
Thank you ♥ for posting the picture it is beautiful
29 May
#14. bella, England, london
i did this for my art prodject!

13 November
#13. trololol, spain
i did this to my art prodject
01 November
#12. jessica, kỏea
I love this
16 September
#11. heeyyou ,
omgosh hahhahaha im doing this for my ART assignment :)
12 September
#10. Jasmin, England
I`m did this for my art project too! I think it`s really pretty and I love how he has drawn her hair.
08 July
#9. Camii Rrr, Jamaica
I didn`t o this for my spanish project either!! lol
I did it for my art project!!
25 February
#8. sneeky_pedo101, outside ur window
the pencil strokes is inspiring! you have brought out my inner beauty onto a page! her flowing hair looks like the waves on a midnight sea
08 February
#7. sarah , england
love her hair beautifully drawn
28 November
#6. vic, England
I think she is beautiful, I love her hair!
03 November
#5. dude witith face, Gloucester
i didnt do this for my spanish project!!!
11 March
#4. Kimmy, missouri
i did this for my spanish project too!
25 May
#3. Mae, England
22 May
#2. Grace, Missouri
I did this for my spanish project ! :)
11 March
#1. Julia,
WOOOOWWW, so beautiful
02 March

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