Pablo Picasso


In May, Picasso leaves the painting for several months and begins to write surreal poems. In June, he leaves Olga. On July 13th offers Jaime Sabartés to become his personal secretary. He spends the summer in Boisgeloup. On September 5th Marie-Thérèse gives birth to Maya Picasso.
Pablo Picasso. The Muse
The Muse
Pablo Picasso. Sleeping girl (Sleeping girl)
Sleeping girl (Sleeping girl)
Pablo Picasso. Head of a Woman (Olga Kokhlova)
Head of a Woman (Olga Kokhlova)
Pablo Picasso. Minotauromachie
Pablo Picasso. Interior with a Girl Drawing
Interior with a Girl Drawing
Pablo Picasso. Woman with hat
Woman with hat
Pablo Picasso. Maya has three months
Maya has three months
Pablo Picasso. Female bust
Female bust
Pablo Picasso. Character lock
Character lock

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