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Pablo Picasso. Mother and child hands of study, 1904


Mere et enfant, etude de mains


Mother and Child  

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#9. Jason,
So I'm an art collector who's stumped. I have a lithograph I can't find anywhere on the internet. I have a large litho ( around 28" tall 23" wide) of Picasso's Mother Child 4 hands study but it's different than any other I've found. Fist off, it's a 3 color litho. It's also on Montvall laid paper on board. The print definitely has age to it but obviously no way to tell how old. I have looked for various water marks but haven't found any. Being laid paper on board makes it difficult. I had originally thought it may be printed in France by La Photolithography L Delaporte. Basically because the size was about the same and the 3 print colors were the same. However, the Mother Child litho doesn't have the information located at the bottom margin of the print like others I've seen. So after all that any thoughts?
20 December
#8. Karin Henkel, Göttingen
Ich suche dieses Bild "Mere et enfant, etude de mains" als gut erhaltenen Druck. Bitte alles anbieten.
Wer kann mir weiter helfen?

22 August
#7. Arturo Garcia, MEXICO
Cuántas copias puede haber de este estudio. Cómo saber su autenticidad y valor ?
18 May
#6. James, Florida
I, too, have a copy of the 1904, Mother and Child-Study of Hands painting. It is on canvas and in a very old, intact frame. I am wondering if it is worth anything.
11 November
#5. Zac, USA
I would like to know what is the original size of this piece? I looked everywhere but couldn`t find it.
11 May
#4. adrian, san diego ,usa
i have ...the same drawing from fogg museum
how much this one cost.
24 October
#3. s.t., canada
Où se trouve ce dessin et quel en est sa valeur à ce jour. Aurais-t-il été vendu à l`exposition universel de Montréal en 1967
18 March
#2. Gayla Zieser, Somerville NJ
I have a reprint with the FOGG ART Museum sticker on the back of the framed art. What is it worth or selling for at your museum. I would like to sell it, not my taste. Thanks in advance. the sticker is ripped a little on the back and I can only see Fogg Art Musuem Cambridge MA, etc..
05 March
#1. Calvin, USA, Seminole Fl
Would like to know about how much this drawing is worth and where is it located?
25 April

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