Pablo Picasso

Pablo Picasso. Science and Charity, 1897


Science et Charité


Oil on canvas

197 x 249,5 cm

Barcelona, Picasso Museum

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In 1897, Picasso, following the advice of his father, painted a huge canvas in the academic manner. Of course, in duty to his father’s wishes, Picasso, who unwittingly discovered expressionism last summer and painted one of the best Spanish portraits - a portrait of a devout and crazy Aunt Pepa, - became much more conservative at the time. "The Science and Charity" is no more than a usual genre painting, the composition of which is surely thought-out by Pablo’s father; furthermore, it is evident that its theme and composition are inspired by the painting by Enrique Paternina, "Mother's Visit". It must be noted that this work continues to admire people, who are not into art, wondering how a 15-year-old teenager managed to paint such a perfect picture.

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#10. Nikolai, Switzerland
The painting is certainly impressive, to say the least. But what has always struck me as curious is that none of Picasso's other works from this period are anywhere near as accomplished as this painting. It is a well known fact that at one time it was a common practice in teaching painting, for the master to repaint areas of the student's work. In the case of this painting, I cannot help but wonder how much of it might have actually been painted by Picasso's father.
28 June
#9. Cassandra, Scandinavia
This in intruiguing, I am researching this painting for a school project.
30 March
#8. Steve Wirth,
Is the patient really his sister? Look carefully. There are male features. I read somewhere the patient is the father of the child, both beggars which Picasso paid a tiny fee to model?
21 May
#7. Ralph, Somewhere in the USA
He did a painting called Science and Charity. His father and sister Lola were his models. Lola was shown sick in bed. Pablo’s father posed as the doctor at her bedside. The painting was very realistic in style. It won a prize at an exhibit in Madrid. Pablo beat some of the best artists in Spain!
27 March
#6. Tabisa Mbeki , Lusikisiki
I am impressed with this painting, it grabbed my attention and I wish I can read more history about it.
11 March
#5. May, việt nam
tôi không hiểu ý nghĩ bức tranh
25 October
#4. raiyan, bangladesh, Dhaka
I saw this painting in 1997.The painting was very realistic in style.The he color and texture is very beautiful.It is the most beautiful painting I have ever seen in my life.
03 October
#3. vanna, USA, Merced
This painting stuns me because the correspondence with the title, and the felt painting. "Science and Charity" is so clearly exhibited through the subjects. A man, a doctor, taking the pulse of the sick woman (mother) with his watch, on the right a nun, holding the woman`s probably child giving her tea/medicine. Science and Charity completely amazed. Pablo Picasso completely amazed.
14 March
#2. brenda, united states danville
i really liked this picture because it explains the picture without using words

12 July
#1. William, USA San Diego,
I saw this painting in person at the picasso museum and in no way can you truly appreciate the vibe of this painting unless you see a photograph of the painting, or see it in person, it was the most imprssive painting I saw in Europe. The pictures on the web like the one abpove this comment box have way too much light than the original painting, which has an axtremly dark, sad feel to it but it's at the same time magnificent, brilliant and wondrous. When I found out he did it when he was 16 you could've knocked me over with a feather, how the hell could a kid, a boy, have this much feeling and emotion in him, and convey such dispair and anguish? Absolutly incredible.
15 November

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