Pablo Picasso

Pablo Picasso. Study for a torso, 1892


Etude pour un torse


Barcelona, Picasso Museum

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#3. Prof. da Costa, Philadelphia
for all of you inspired and maybe a bit intimidated by Picasso, if you wish to paint, paint (lots of online and free websites) and if not, don't be intimidated. You can appreciate his work and/or someday will have the strength to wake up and sketch or doodle or copy the works of the master. It's all good. At least you got up to see this website.I used to not appreciate Picasso until I read more about him. Sure, he was a misogynist but his life's work is amazing. I started out at age 18 months drawing circles with dots in the middle under the curtains and now am pretty prolific and inspired and I'm turning 70 this month.
10 March
#2. friend, California
so you start at 16. Eight year difference isn’t much. Even a 50 year difference. You can always start and work to improve dude :) all you need is a little interest. (And don’t be afraid to look for help, maybe one day you can give back) I believe in you.
03 January
#1. scout, australia
people like Pablo are the reason why i don't believe i'll ever do anything good with my life, 16 years old and best i can do is wake up at 4pm.
30 December

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