Pablo Picasso

Pablo Picasso. Woman Ironing, 1904


Femme de repassage


Oil on canvas

New York, The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum


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#5. Mackenzie Klein, WIsconsin
I went and saw this painting in the Guggenheim and it took my breath away, I even purchased a replica.
03 September
#4. Maria, USA, Texas
Jan- the print itself is basically worthless. The quality of the frame will determine the resale value, if any. This is my favorite Picasso. If I were you I would simply treasure having this lovely image in my home.
13 November
#3. Jan Treinen, Chippewa Falls
I have this picture. I wanted to know the value of the print. Mine is in a secure frame, and says woman ironing 1904 by pablo picasso
10 November
#2. marius, timisoara, romania
dear mrs chambers, since you live in new york, have you seen this painting? if you have indeed, i don`t see how you could write that.
13 October
#1. Amelia- Lily, England
She looks sad and depressed, perhaps due to the enormous amount of housweork she must partake in every day, or maybe her husband has left her for not ironing enough
09 October

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