Pablo Picasso

Pablo Picasso. Rest, 1932


Le Repos


Oil on canvas

46x46 cm


Marie-Th?r?se Walter  

36.90 million

This picture was painted shortly before the exhibition of Picasso’s works in Galeries Georges Petit in Paris in 1932. It was then that the artist decided to open up for the first time and exhibited a few works glorifying his paramour Marie Therese Walter and demonstrating quite a different kind of arts. He met Marie in 1927 and hid his affair for all those years. The girl appeared in his paintings at times only - with delicate hints, barely noticeable details only Picasso’s wife, Olga, was able to see through.

Marie is often painted sleeping or having rest in these works; her prominent Grecian profile is always emphasized, and her athletic build embodies health and fullness of life. Sculpturesque forms are highlighted with smooth lines, and a wealth of clear and contrast colors saturate the image with emotions.

A concept of “a muse” was always quite concrete for Picasso; it was palpable and often embodied in a certain woman. Strong feelings inspired the artist for great creative breakthroughs that had enough energy to make new ideas bloom like flowers. When Pablo met Marie, his spirit of surreal experimenting of the later 1920’s was transfigured into an absolutely new style with his new muse - a harmonious, sensual and very intimate one.

---sold for $36,920,500 at Sotheby’s (14 May 2018)---

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