Pablo Picasso

Pablo Picasso. Portrait of Olga in the Armchair, 1917


Portrait d'Olga dans un fauteuil


Oil on canvas

130 x 89 cm

Paris, Picasso Museum


Olga Khokhlova  

By 1918 Picasso’s popularity as well as his acquaintance with reputed artists and poets had produced certain results. He starts cooperating with Dyagilev’s famous “Russian Seasons”. He paints scenery, curtains and designs dancewear. There he meets Olga Khokhlova, a chorus girl. They get married and the artist’s new muse starts influencing his style because she wants to recognize herself in portraits at least. Picasso moves away from cubism and turns to a more realistic manner. At first, social life full of entertainments appeals to Picasso. He has a huge studio that occupies a whole floor, a car with a driver and a gold watch. He feels happy for some time, moreover, Olga bears him a son called Paul and his paintings are now valued. But his intense creative energy makes him restless and eventually the artist gives up everything to set off towards new discoveries.

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