Pablo Picasso

Pablo Picasso. Picador, 1889



Oil on wood

24x19 cm

Paris, Collection Claude Picasso

Early Works  


Pablo started displaying an ability to paint since he was three. A small oil painting, Picador, - a picture painted by the boy at the age of eight - is considered one of his first works. It was inspired by his first attendance of the bullfight his father took him to. Corrida remained one of Picasso’s passions for his entire life.

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#16. L,
personally i don't understand the hype. sure, it's good for an 8 year old, but tbh it's not that interesting to me.
13 January
#15. November,
Quarantine boredom has took me here staring at Picasso painting when he was 8. What a gifted person had ever lived!
11 September
#14. deathMetalGirl, United States
I want to put that picture on my bedroom wall! Such talent!
(It`s actually a cute picture though)
19 November
#13. Marta, Germany
Respect, Talent!
20 October
#12. krish, mysore, india
omg, so beautiful
28 August
#11. Eri, Brazil, Guarulhos
guys...ORLY!? Actually it`s a child work, with 8 years old he painted it. I bet u didn`t a paint so proportionaly at 8.
05 October
#10. ben dover, ukrane
picasso has the mind of a child!
03 October
#9. kieron dunn:) 2k2, france.
hey i like beans.
03 October
#8. ben dover, ukrane
get on me picasso
03 October
#7. ben dover, ukrane
woof, meow, quack, ribbit, squeek
03 October
#6. zandi, iran-ghaemshahr
for mising
08 May
#5. G-man, Califonia
Cowboy much?
08 April
#4. Ida , sweden
l will do!!!
16 January
#3. Ebba,
you is goog
13 January
#2. picasso,
four loko
15 November
#1. anderson, brasil
eu admiro muito as obras dele ele fez muito sucesso
21 July

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