Pablo Picasso

Pablo Picasso. Claude, Son of Picasso, 1948



Oil on canvas


Claude Picasso  

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#4. TiaoZen, Dallas
For me, this is Picasso at his most introspective, reflective, creative phase demonstrating his love for Claude`s mother and the enduring love for Marie-Therese. 1948 was a pivotal year in Picasso`s developement of intaglio in his paintings and ceramics. Perhaps, one of the happiest times in his life, as shown in Claude`s face and body.
02 October
#3. TiaoZen, Dallas the coded name of Marie-Therese in the M found on top of shirt and immediately above neck for the T???
02 October
#2. TiaoZen, Dallas
Also: Is the face of Francoise superimposed on the face of Claude:aquiline nose,smooth eyebrows, lots of hair as outline of face???56621
02 October
#1. TiaoZen, Dallas
Is the signature in code as fingers on the left hand? What do you think all scholars and theorists out there?
01 October

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