Pablo Picasso. Head of a Man, 1907

Head of a Man

Tête d'homme


Oil on canvas

Merion, Lincoln University, Barnes Foundation


More from 1907

Pablo Picasso. Standing Nude, Three women [study], 1907
Standing Nude, Three women [study], 1907
Pablo Picasso. Jug, bowl and lemon, 1907
Jug, bowl and lemon, 1907
Pablo Picasso. Standing Nude profile, 1907
Standing Nude profile, 1907
Pablo Picasso. Five women, 1907
Five women, 1907
Pablo Picasso. Young naked boy (Nude with arms leves), 1907
Young naked boy (Nude with arms leves), 1907

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#1. admin, St-Petersburg, Russia
Steven, look HERE
15 November

#2. Steven, Kansas
This website is wrong, this piece is called giving head to a man
14 November


#3. Alyisia, London
This website had helped me a lot for my project. Thank you very much, without this i dunno how i will survice :)
19 November

#4. Oscar, South Carolina
23 May


#5. rhiannon , NSW
great website. it was great help
26 July

#6. katty , Jersey
I think this website has really helped me on my progect. Thank you
It is amazing
05 July

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