Pablo Picasso. Self-Portrait, 1907




Oil on canvas

Prague, Narodni Gallery



More from 1907

Pablo Picasso. Young naked boy (Nude with arms leves), 1907
Young naked boy (Nude with arms leves), 1907
Pablo Picasso. study still life - flowers, 1907
study still life - flowers, 1907
Pablo Picasso. Five women, 1907
Five women, 1907
Pablo Picasso. Head of medical student, 1907
Head of medical student, 1907
Pablo Picasso. Compotier, 1907
Compotier, 1907

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#1. admin, SPB
No. Actually 1907. African period
01 November

#2. N, UK
it says it was 1907, it was actually 1901
28 October

#3. Sarah, United Kingdom
Need more info
21 May

#4. Bob, VIC
G`day mates
28 March


#5. Alex, Jesus
24 September

#6. i dont no, y do u care
i love uuuuuu
24 June

#7. hahah, mm
i like this artwork
24 June

#8. LollyPopsAreCool, Maitland
I am doing an assignment on this, and we seriously need more information about it. Like the demensions!!!
19 June

#9. I dont have a name, Somewhere in the world
I could eat this sugar booger up in a jiffy!
13 February


#10. Sexy , Beast
I need to know about this picture
07 December

#11. Boob,
This is sexy
07 December

#12. New York, Bob the builder
This awesome
30 November

#13. yasser , ali
This picture is Stupid I need some real art anyway the picture is ugly
21 October

#14. Dominc, Adelaide
Use oil pastels to get the best effect
15 August

#15. DER, Alice springs
This is sexy
15 August

#16. jESSICA, Sydney
Yess its greatt but we really need some info on this!!!!!
23 June

#17. qulana,
its a good picture, i have painted it using acrylic :) tell us about it pleaseeeee
21 May

#18. rookie, Harlingen, Netherlands
how much is this painting worth?
24 April

#19. antonia harris, dartford
i fingered my self over it !!!!
12 April

#20. lewis nunn, england
it makes me feel horney
12 April

#21. :-), UK
Hayley says its cool :-)
23 March

#22. BOB, Liverpool
22 February

#23. poopoo, china
this portrait is known to be the wost painting and portrait of the worl!!!!!!!!! lol jokes!!!!!
22 February

#24. katy , California
this is an amazing master piece picasso was a really talented man there is no doubt about it :)
27 January

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