Pablo Picasso
 Pablo Picasso. Self-Portrait, 1907




Oil on canvas

Prague, Narodni Gallery



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#1. admin, SPB
No. Actually 1907. African period
01 November

#2. N, UK
it says it was 1907, it was actually 1901
28 October

#3. Sarah, United Kingdom
Need more info
21 May

#4. Bob, VIC
G`day mates
28 March


#5. Alex, Jesus
24 September

#6. i dont no, y do u care
i love uuuuuu
24 June

#7. hahah, mm
i like this artwork
24 June

#8. LollyPopsAreCool, Maitland
I am doing an assignment on this, and we seriously need more information about it. Like the demensions!!!
19 June

#9. I dont have a name, Somewhere in the world
I could eat this sugar booger up in a jiffy!
13 February


#10. Sexy , Beast
I need to know about this picture
07 December

#11. Boob,
This is sexy
07 December

#12. New York, Bob the builder
This awesome
30 November

#13. yasser , ali
This picture is Stupid I need some real art anyway the picture is ugly
21 October

#14. Dominc, Adelaide
Use oil pastels to get the best effect
15 August

#15. DER, Alice springs
This is sexy
15 August

#16. jESSICA, Sydney
Yess its greatt but we really need some info on this!!!!!
23 June

#17. qulana,
its a good picture, i have painted it using acrylic :) tell us about it pleaseeeee
21 May

#18. rookie, Harlingen, Netherlands
how much is this painting worth?
24 April

#19. antonia harris, dartford
i fingered my self over it !!!!
12 April

#20. lewis nunn, england
it makes me feel horney
12 April

#21. :-), UK
Hayley says its cool :-)
23 March

#22. BOB, Liverpool
22 February

#23. poopoo, china
this portrait is known to be the wost painting and portrait of the worl!!!!!!!!! lol jokes!!!!!
22 February

#24. katy , California
this is an amazing master piece picasso was a really talented man there is no doubt about it :)
27 January

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