Pablo Picasso. Picador, 1889



Oil on wood

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#1. Marta, Germany
Respect, Talent!
20 October


#2. krish, mysore, india
omg, so beautiful
28 August


#3. Eri, Brazil, Guarulhos
guys...ORLY!? Actually it`s a child work, with 8 years old he painted it. I bet u didn`t a paint so proportionaly at 8.
05 October

#4. ben dover, ukrane
picasso has the mind of a child!
03 October

#5. kieron dunn:) 2k2, france.
hey i like beans.
03 October

#6. ben dover, ukrane
get on me picasso
03 October

#7. ben dover, ukrane
woof, meow, quack, ribbit, squeek
03 October

#8. zandi, iran-ghaemshahr
for mising
08 May

#9. G-man, Califonia
Cowboy much?
08 April

#10. Ida , sweden
l will do!!!
16 January

#11. Ebba,
you is goog
13 January


#12. picasso,
four loko
15 November

#13. anderson, brasil
eu admiro muito as obras dele ele fez muito sucesso
21 July

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