Pablo Picasso

Pablo Picasso. Bust of a matador, 1970

Bust of a matador

Buste de matador



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#1. oleg,
Very interesting!
Thank you, Theresa!
25 April
#2. Theresa, Stockport Emgland
Not the Matador in a Traje de Luz, glamorous pose but a vision of his underlying knowledge that death is part of the performance.Hand on heart as if he is dedicating himself to the spectators but at the same time this is not a young man wanting glory and ovations but a man who hopes to survive- a greyish colour & sparse teeth suggest an older man who might have been succesful but is now struggling with the demands of the work.A clever, almost caricature sketch of the man in its simplicity & speed of the minimalist painting. My son disagreed when we were in Malaga- he said it was thumbing the expected concept of glamour & excitement. Who knows?
22 April

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