Pablo Picasso. The Kiss, 1969

The Kiss

Le Baiser


Oil on canvas

Paris, Picasso Museum

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Pablo Picasso. Man head 3, 1969
Man head 3, 1969
Pablo Picasso. Man in wheelchair, 1969
Man in wheelchair, 1969
Pablo Picasso. The bride I, 1969
The bride I, 1969
Pablo Picasso. The painter and his model, 1969
The painter and his model, 1969
Pablo Picasso. The Owl, 1969
The Owl, 1969

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#1. luca sen, Australia
I Like Trains.
25 May


#2. hakime, Iran,Tehran
i honestly need your help.i`m going to work at this excellent piece of work.but there isnot enough information.if you know help me please
12 December

#3. bobn, Boston
it is so cool Not REally c
20 June


#4. Gracie, Wooster, Oh
i love this. honestly people think its odd that being a 16 year old i am so obssessed with picassos work but i cant help it.
25 September


#5. Abigail toller, UK
beautiful! Such an amazing piece. Reflecting maddness in love and also passion! Showing the frustration that the two lovers feel, not being apart from eachother! I have this on my bathroom wall along with other Picasso pieces such as Monet`s Garden.
11 July

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