Pablo Picasso

Pablo Picasso. The Kiss, 1969

The Kiss

Le Baiser


Oil on canvas

Paris, Picasso Museum

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#1. luca sen, Australia
I Like Trains.
25 May
#2. hakime, Iran,Tehran
i honestly need your help.i`m going to work at this excellent piece of work.but there isnot enough information.if you know help me please
12 December
#3. bobn, Boston
it is so cool Not REally c
20 June
#4. Gracie, Wooster, Oh
i love this. honestly people think its odd that being a 16 year old i am so obssessed with picassos work but i cant help it.
25 September
#5. Abigail toller, UK
beautiful! Such an amazing piece. Reflecting maddness in love and also passion! Showing the frustration that the two lovers feel, not being apart from eachother! I have this on my bathroom wall along with other Picasso pieces such as Monet`s Garden.
11 July

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