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Pablo Picasso. The young painter, 1972


Le jeune peintre


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#10. obeido,
well picasso work sold 3-4 million back in 1980s now it selling for 100 million plus what make you think that his prints sell for few hundred dollars now the price i am sure it is up there compier to back then -
27 September
#9. hassan, fairfax va
i have 1126/5000 stamped and i need a price for it
28 October
#8. Guillaume, France
Oui c` est quelqu`un,et quand ?je dirai aujourd`hui

04 September
#7. lebelle, france
est-ce quelqu`un connait la date exacte de ce tableau? 1972,oui,mais,quand?
04 September
#6. Elizabeth, USA, Washington
I have 1067/5000 of Lejeune peintre - 1972. reproduction specialementsur Velin d`Arches par les Editions de la Runion des Musees Nationaux a Parie pour World Treasure Society a Montpelier, VT. c S.P.A.D.E.M. Vaga New york 198, printed in France by I.M.L. Paris. It is framed and in very good condition. Any idea of its worth?
04 May
1658 OF 5000
07 November
#4. mlk, okc, ok
I saw a framed one selling for $60.00 on the web. The seller said an unframed one sold for $150 in 1980.
30 January
#3. mlk, okc, ok
did you find out what your numbered print was worth?
30 January
#2. Lorenzo Morizio, Orlando, Florida
Correction 1182 of 5000
Thank you!
29 October
#1. Lorenzo Morizio, Orlando, florida
I have a reprint of Le jeune peintre 1972 reprint. 42323 stamped also. Can you please tell where I can find more information on the reprint. Thank you
29 October

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