Pablo Picasso

Pablo Picasso. Pierrot, 1918



Oil on canvas

New York, Museum of Modern Art



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#12. beteschild, Tennessee
I love picasso`s pierrot but i believe that the tints of green offset the rest of the colors that really define this work of art
15 August
#11. sam,
C by S.p.a.d.e.m.&Braun et. Printed in France 1962
03 July
#10. admin, Saint Petersburg, Russia
Fares, ask here:
09 February
#9. Fares Abboud, Canada.Ottawa
I have an 8 by 10 inches Pierriot by picasso on canvas in colour,the label on the back of the painting states new york museum modern of art
And also states bruan - cie .mulhouse -dornach-paris. 1962. B. Does this painting have any art market value ? Sincerely Abboud. 613-710-6901.

08 February
#8. tyrese, germany, berlin
i love picasso!!!!!!!
19 November
#7. Los Angeles,
Authenticating a signed Picasso is not an easy task and it is expensive. Many have to be sent to Spain to know for sure. More than likley you have a museum store print made to look nice. I am a long time art expert, you can find more info at under the name Dan Twyman
07 June
#6. Speedon, Family, Houston ,Texas
First of all, I also have a Beautiful Pierrot just like the art work shown above. I, have had mine for over 20 years and it also has his Red Signature and it too has 18 on the bottom left corner. My Pierrot does not look & feel like a Print. Remember Prints will have a stamped marking of a date or place in the back of the painting itself. Prints can also be identified by the layers of aged cardboard and feel of it, a simple touch usually will let you know it is too delicate and should be considered having your painting Appraised. I always say I, am going to take mine to have it Appraised but I never do, guess I just love the Mystery of it and the attention it gets from my friends.And second of all, I disagree with the self called Picasso expert above because he is only referring to an Original Oil on Canvas Painting, not what you or I may own. Pablo Picasso was also known to do many Sketches an hand Prints included. Wish you the best of luck.
03 December
#5. Picasso, Expert
There is only one REAL one and it`s at the museum in New York. Come on now it`s not soda where he makes a lot of one and the same can. Thus if it`s not real is has insignificant value.
17 May
#4. Tim, virginia mn
I have one too n I can`t find how much its worth someone help
08 May
#3. Barbara, US,Grand Cane
I also have this painting signed in red on bottom left side with the number 18 beneath the signature. Was wondering if it has any value
19 December
#2. kim, usa sacramento, cal
i have one too, any value?
27 October
#1. Lisa, smyrna
Donna, I have one too! Did you find out anything?
27 July

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