Pablo Picasso

Marcelle Humbert

Pablo and Marcelle met in 1911 in the Hermitage cafe in Paris. Picasso had lived with his model Fernande Olivier for 9 years already; Marcelle was a lover of a Polish artist Louis Marcoussis. Pablo and Marcel fell in love and parted with their former paramours. They started on a journey across Europe in order not to meet any people they knew – they wanted just to be together. Picasso called his beloved Eva. It was a symbol of his internal renewal: Eva was a name of the first woman on the Earth, while he – Pablo – Adam – considered himself the first man.

Marcelle was fragile, subtle, quiet and tender – complete antithesis to a tall, fit and loud Fernande. Eva appeared as a symbol of elegancy, airiness and weightless in Picasso’s paintings. Her image was often associated with music, musical instruments; a woman’s silhouette was often painted in the shape of a violin or a guitar.


Marcelle Humbert (Eva Guel)


Pablo Picasso. Nude, I love Eva, 1912
Nude, I love Eva, 1912
Pablo Picasso. Violon Jolie Eva, 1912
Violon Jolie Eva, 1912
Pablo Picasso. `I love Eva` Guitar, 1912
`I love Eva` Guitar, 1912