Pablo Picasso
 Pablo Picasso. Portrait of the mother of the artist, 1896

Portrait of the mother of the artist

Portrait de la mère de l'artiste


Pastel on paper

Barcelona, Picasso Museum

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In February 2013, during the restoration of this painting, experts of the Picasso Museum in Barcelona found a charcoal drawing on the back of the canvas. It depicts a man with a pipe. Having examined the drawing, the restorers say it is more likely to be a work of 15-year-old Picasso.

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#1. nana, maryland
amazing beatiful in so many ways
25 March
#2. christa, michigan
Picasso painted the portraits of his parents when he was barely a teenager.
20 March
#3. sujata bajirao chavan, india,mumbai
30 January
#4. mark, USA, NY
really nice!!
11 February

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