Pablo Picasso. Juggler with Still-Life, 1905

Juggler with Still-Life

Jongleur avec Nature morte


Gouache on canvas

Washington, National Gallery of Art,


Still Life  

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#1. admin,
Kimkailua, plz visit
29 June

#2. Kimkailua, Kailua, HI
I have a signed Juggler with Still Life Pablo Picadso 29"x20" on thick cardboard. It has a paper attached to the back that says picture name, artist, and The Art Institute of Chicago Chester Date Collection (Loan)" Framed by "Helen Zolin Studios"- picture stylists individual framing- 245 NO. Water street Milwaukee WI.

I don`t have the year, but was interested to learn more. I really am curios if the signature could be real?

29 June


#3. nell, usa
How many lithographs were made. Mine was framed by a company in Wilmette ,Ill

21 October

#4. Nell, USA
I have one is it real. Had it for about 15 years . How do u tell if it is fake
22 July


#5. annie, Austin,TX
Does any one Know what the worth of this peice my be? Did he paint more than one? Were they lithographs?
09 January


#6. Alan, Fallsburg, NY
Was there any further info on Ms. Sorensen`s Juggler? I have what sounds to be the same thing that I purchased at a thrift store a few years back.
28 October

#7. admin,
this is interesting!
14 April

#8. Karen Sorensen, Hanover, MN USA
I have the Juggler on card paper. This is done in Gouache and charcoal. It measures approximately 27 x 40 inches. If you would like to see a photo of it I would be happy to send one. This was
purchased at the Chicago Art Institute in the late 1950's by my mother.
14 April

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