Pablo Picasso. Maternity, 1905



Private collection

Mother and Child  

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Pablo Picasso. Acrobat and young arlequin3, 1905
Acrobat and young arlequin3, 1905
Pablo Picasso. The Acrobat family, 1905
The Acrobat family, 1905
Pablo Picasso. Harlequin grimant before a woman sitting, 1905
Harlequin grimant before a woman sitting, 1905
Pablo Picasso. The Family of Saltimbanques, 1905
The Family of Saltimbanques, 1905
Pablo Picasso. Canal, 1905
Canal, 1905

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#1. Peks, Canada
I am in a possession of the Picasso "Maternity 1905", it`s signed by Picasso, I just don`t know also if it`s the original. I am not an art expert and I have no idea on how to handle this, it was just brought to me few minutes ago. It`s tape to a glass framed wooden framing.
20 December


#2. Nancy, San Francisco
I also have this painting signed Picasso 1905 I have received from family. How do you know if it`s real? I`m just assuming it`s not but I would like to know for sure...
09 September


#3. Pasolini Pier Paolo, Italy
where is this painting?
11 August

#4. Md Rafiqul Islam Razu, Rangamati
Smooth paint ! I love you pablo picasso
07 May

#5. admin, Saint Petersburg, Russia
STS Gestion, ask here:
14 January

#6. STS Gestion, Switzerland
Please can you send me the information one of my client wish to by this picture. Thanks to advise / Chris
13 January

#7. admin, Saint Petersburg, Russia
Look here:
13 January

#8. Tami, Post falls
I have Picasso, Maternity 1905 I had just received from family. I believe
it is an original. it is numbered and signed. can you tell me a little how I can find out if it is an original?
13 January


#9. Antoine-Victo Jose Chidiac, Lebanon
This Maternite II painting from Picasso is here in my safe box and i can show you this painting anytime, i already have a full file email & photos of it & I have my picture with the Painting too....
11 November

#10. Kneuss Theodor, Switzerland
A friend of mine has probably the original of "Maternity" from Pablo Picaso, How can he know that it is really the original? It is signed: Picassso 1905
11 July

#11. sosi, usa
I think i have the original paint not sure
22 May

#12. Selena, AL, USA
Where is the original? I have this painting, not sure if it is original.
03 April

#13. Mrs.wilson, Mtl,que,Canada
where is the painting "Maternity" by Pacasso ?
21 January


#14. rubens, milano
07 November

#15. michelle, sanjuan
26 June

#16. admin,

thanks Ulrike !
18 June

#17. Ulrike Lehnen, Germany
This painting is from 1905 and not 1901! And it belongs to the rose period!
18 June

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