Pablo Picasso. Head of Harlequin, 1923

Head of Harlequin

Tête d arlequin



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Pablo Picasso. Portrait of Sarah Murphy, 1923
Portrait of Sarah Murphy, 1923
Pablo Picasso. The Seated Harlequin, 1923
The Seated Harlequin, 1923
Pablo Picasso. Paul drawing, 1923
Paul drawing, 1923
Pablo Picasso. Mandolin and musical scope, 1923
Mandolin and musical scope, 1923
Pablo Picasso. Bust of a Woman (Sarah Murphy), 1923
Bust of a Woman (Sarah Murphy), 1923

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#1. Joseph Matar, Lebanon
no this is not the painting that was stolen in Rotterdam . That one is a 1971 Harlequin painting by Picasso . This painting is available at Los Angeles County Museum of Art
02 May


#2. admin, Russia, St-Petersburg
Horia, THIS PICTURE was burned. May be was burned. Now, experts analyzes ash.
18 July

#3. Horia, Romania
Unfortunately, this painting was burned after it was stolen by a Romanian.
I apologize on behalf romanian art lovers.
18 July

#4. admin, Russia, St-Petersburg
17 July


#5. john, USA, Grand praire
lol someone stole this
16 October

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