Pablo Picasso. Portrait of Françoise, 1946

Portrait of Françoise

Portrait de Françoise


Pencil on paper

Paris, Picasso Museum

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Francoise Gilot  

This is one of the most lyrical portraits of Françoise Gilot. When you look at photos of this woman, you understand that there is something ethereal in her, which distinguishes her from others. Picasso met Françoise in 1946. First, it was art that pulled them together, but some time later they fell in love and their affair lasted nearly a decade. The relationship was quite complicated: the artist could feel constant affection only towards his muse, however, at that time it was Françoise who walked out on him. After realizing that the best moments had gone for good, Françoise broke up with Picasso and became the only woman who left him on her own.

She had passion, inner determination and firmness. This was reflected in the 1946 portrait: in the consistency of lines and the composition of the painting. An especially vivid detail is her hair, loose and curly, describing the temper of the woman portrayed.

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