Pablo Picasso
 Pablo Picasso. Woman with a Flower, 1932

Woman with a Flower

Femme avec une fleur


Oil on canvas

162 x 130 cm

Basel. Kunstmuseum Basel


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#1. 11, birningham
i am doing a project on this
12 October


#2. John Doe , wherever you are
@Jane Doe, i completely agree with you. it is very interesting and beautiful.

14 April

#3. Jane Doe, Fl
This is absolutely beautiful. It makes you wonder what Picasso was thinking aboutwhen he painted it, and what everything really means.
14 April

#4. Mariah , Ca
I love this painting its one of my favorites from all his other paintings
19 January

#5. Curt McDaniel, Beaufort SC
I own this in what is discribed as "d-3014" This is a highly faithful rendition, made by a skilled artist AFTER (D`APRES) The art depicted. It is a color lithograph, done in a limited edition registered copyrights, Library of Concrfess can someont tell me anything abought this? whats it worth/
17 January

#6. Laura , N I reland
can i have information about woman with a flower
06 January


#7. jack nooby, fiji
tres bien
20 November

#8. bob marley, england
well good init
20 November

#9. Imogen, Adelaide
I really like this painting because it stands out from the rest and the different colours.
20 September

#10. buddy, America v.t.
its very interesting i love it
05 April

#11. dorothy, england
is nice but can i have infomation about the weeping woman please its a homework . i like it thank you so much of helping
27 February

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