Pablo Picasso. Figures on a Beach, 1931

Figures on a Beach


Oil on canvas

Paris, Picasso Museum

Art period: Surrealism  

More from 1931

Pablo Picasso. The Kiss (Two Heads), 1931
The Kiss (Two Heads), 1931
Pablo Picasso. Nude and Still Life, 1931
Nude and Still Life, 1931
Pablo Picasso. Pitcher and fruit cup, 1931
Pitcher and fruit cup, 1931
Pablo Picasso. Flower-woman (Marie-Therese elongated), 1931
Flower-woman (Marie-Therese elongated), 1931
Pablo Picasso. Young Girl Throwing a Rock, 1931
Young Girl Throwing a Rock, 1931



#1. Caleigh , Canada, Toronto
Reminds me of Dali`s Auto Cannibalism.
06 March

31 January


#3. blaze,
however it moves you brothers and sisters, happens to move me in the pants.
14 September

#4. Ian, huxley
naked hoes... naked hoes...
16 May

#5. getting buzy with da fizzy,
WHAT ARE THEY DOING?????????? i love picasso`s work. all the naked women he got to paint...ahhh
21 March

#6. hans delrosario, manila,philippines
i saw a couple siting on sand while kissing!hahaha cool
16 March

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