Pablo Picasso. Still Life with Guitar, 1921

Still Life with Guitar

Nature morte à la guitare


Oil on canvas

Lucerne, Galerie Rosengart


Still Life  Guitar  

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#1. DANKNESSMLGQUICKSCOPER, meowlandiahopeudie
This is truly a wonderful and unique piece of art, as I believe that it represent some sort of sense of serenity and peacefulness.
20 February


#2. greg, straya
it looks like my beard
06 March

#3. kate, brighton
epic drawn this at school
12 January


#4. Sue,
I just love this painting with the striking violets, orange, black and ochre . What was the exact size?
08 April


#5. Stefan, SouthAfrca, Cape Town
Breathtakingly beautiful, I love the way he plays with colour and reality.
18 May

#6. Sammi, London
amazing painting really inspiring
26 February


#7. Gragas, Gragas City
18 December

#8. Thomas, England, London
I like carrots :)
01 November

#9. Gerardo, USA
Does anyone know the original dimensions of this great painting?
18 September

#10. Dave, Adelaide Australia
on a print that we have it show the year 22.
is this when he painted it?
15 April


#11. lucas, USA
It is a nice picture
13 June

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