Pablo Picasso. Matador, 1897



Pencil on paper

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Pablo Picasso. Portrait of Ramon Pixot, 1897
Portrait of Ramon Pixot, 1897
Pablo Picasso. Science and Charity, 1897
Science and Charity, 1897
Pablo Picasso. Portrait of Philip IV (Velаzquez), 1897
Portrait of Philip IV (Velаzquez), 1897
Pablo Picasso. Man in a park, 1897
Man in a park, 1897

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#1. admin, Spb, Russia
JB, thanks!
07 July

#2. JB,
This isn`t Luis Miguel Dominguin. Dominguin was born in 1926 and this is obviously a much earlier work by Picasso.
28 June

#3. Lanaro, Italia
Di sicuro non è il suo amico Dominguin...
26 February


#4. Abbie, London
why cant we see his woolie
10 June


#5. Wow,
that is disgusting to say about a painting you pervert about go out and have a real life stupid.
24 April


#6. jana gentry, america,antioch
oooooooooohh you look sexy escpecially your hair
29 September

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