Pablo Picasso. Still-Life with a Pitcher and Apples, 1919

Still-Life with a Pitcher and Apples

Nature morte avec une cruche et aux pommes


Oil on canvas

Paris, Picasso Museum


Still Life  

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#1. john, india and china
18 July


#2. Ben, USA, Richmond
I`m sorry, but I can`t look at this painting without seeing Cookie Monster. The two apples on the plate look like his googly eyes, and the lip of the pitcher looks like his mouth. That`s what I love about art; it really makes you think.
13 May

#3. coco, london
love this painting
studying Picasso at Uni!!!
02 February


#4. Jimmeh B, Peshawar, pakistan
hey guys i just want to say that my thoughts go out to pablos family and my prayers go out to the angels of PAKISTAN (mate) aka Bombo Ps : Nice bally apples
31 October

#5. lollupop frape, sydney
this is so beutiful i just want to cry when i see it i love you pablo picasso and i miss you remember when we had that affair
31 October

#6. Muhumid, Kuibyshev
Ur a turd chinaman
27 April

#7. mez, uk
i had to draw it 4 skwl
19 January


#8. jasminedo, mars
you guys are serious? this made you cry? im also guessing you sit at hom evernight with your 12 cats...sad children
16 November

#9. gibs, portland
Yes Very Much Agreed Turd Indeed
11 October

#10. Tayla Woodgate, Queensland
OMG this is amazing, I think I even cryed when I saw this. Thanks for touching my heart. holy jesus.
01 February

#11. Nathan Schmid, Queensland
Amazing. this picture is stunning :)
01 February

#12. JA, Australia, Canberra
Saw this today in the NSW Art Gallery, Sydney. I see a strong connection with the story of St Lucias (i.e. light), a 3rd century saint who is said to have blinded herself to protect her virgin purity. She is represented often in painting through the ages as holding her plucked-out eyes in a dish. In PP`s painting we have apples, symbol of Eve`s (i.e. women`s) fall, and the apples apparently fallen from the dish above the pitcher, where they stand as eyes to her face.
05 January


#13. lilia, london
i love it a lot.
i am studing of hei art work and i am doing this picture, it is really nice
09 November

#14. emma-leigh, greece
20 October

#15. sarah, scotland
good art
20 October

#16. rachel, england
i think it has a lot of texture
02 October

#17. Anon, UK
What is this painting called?
21 September

#18. oooo, austraila
i love de art
19 February


#19. Hussein Abdulrahman, London
nice shading and tone and shaping.
18 November

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