Pablo Picasso. Acrobat on a Ball, 1905

Acrobat on a Ball

Acrobat sur une boule


Oil on canvas

147 x 95 cm

Moscow, The Pushkin Museum of Fine Art


Art critics always say about this painting: the lightness and flexibility of a young girl balancing on the ball is opposed to the massiveness and stability of the cube on which sits a giant athlete. It is also generally accepted that Picasso is mainly the master of shape; it is his main artistic interest and the most important task he resolves in his work. Therefore, it is especially interesting, when you know what this interest led to in his later works, to see how movingly and skillfully Picasso depicts ordinary things at the beginning of his career. Delicate pearl, pink and blue tones and new feeling of air and space make "Young Acrobat on a Ball" one of the masterpieces of the Rose Period.

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