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Rose Period

Pablo Picasso. Girl in a Chemise. 1904 - 1905
"Girl in a Chemise", 1904 - 1905
Pablo Picasso. The Actor. 1904
"The Actor", 1904
Pablo Picasso. Acrobat on a Ball. 1905
"Acrobat on a Ball", 1905
Pablo Picasso. In
"In "Le Lapin Agile" or Harlequin with a Glass", 1905
Pablo Picasso. Harlequin Sitting on a Red Couch. 1905
"Harlequin Sitting on a Red Couch", 1905
Pablo Picasso. Tumblers (Mother and Son). 1905
"Tumblers (Mother and Son)", 1905
Pablo Picasso. The Family of Saltimbanques. 1905
"The Family of Saltimbanques", 1905
Pablo Picasso. Two brothers. 1905
"Two brothers", 1905
Pablo Picasso. Two Youths. 1905
"Two Youths", 1905
Pablo Picasso. Acrobat and Young Harlequin. 1905
"Acrobat and Young Harlequin", 1905
Pablo Picasso. Juggler with Still-Life. 1905
"Juggler with Still-Life", 1905
Pablo Picasso. Woman with Fan. 1905
"Woman with Fan", 1905
Pablo Picasso. Young Girl with a Goat. 1906
"Young Girl with a Goat", 1906
Pablo Picasso. The Peasants. Composition. 1906
"The Peasants. Composition", 1906
Pablo Picasso. Young Nude. 1906
"Young Nude", 1906
Pablo Picasso. Glassware. Still Life with a Porro. 1906
"Glassware. Still Life with a Porro", 1906
Pablo Picasso. Boy Leading a Horse. 1906
"Boy Leading a Horse", 1906
Pablo Picasso. La Toilette. 1906
"La Toilette", 1906
Pablo Picasso. La coiffure. 1906
"La coiffure", 1906
Pablo Picasso. Self Portrait. 1906
"Self Portrait", 1906